Welcome to the Power of Your Sleeping Mind.

Pajama Party Blog

In the morning, coffee in hand, or in the evening cozy in your robe and slippers come join us to consider breakthrough dreams that solve problems, nightmares, common dreams that hold individual meanings, dreams that flood your mind with joy. Send me your suggestions and your dreams, and how about a photo of you in wild PJ’s with permission to use them here. Don’t worry about looking silly, Interviewers have to get over wanting to look wise!

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How to Remember Your Dreams Much Better!

Everyone dreams vividly at least 4-5 times a night. Most of us forget the exquisitely detailed clarity of our dreams and often we forget the entire dream experience. Every detail of a dream is a clue to its meaning and emotional impact. If you would like to increase your recall quality, there are two easy steps before you try anything exotic.

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Ideas for Sleeping Better & Awakening Refreshed

Getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night is the key to these well-researched benefits. If you are willing to exchange an hour of TV or Web time to experiment with sleeping as long as it takes to awake refreshed without an alarm or barking dog, these will be your rewards.

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Why do we dream about animals?

In 40 years of working with hundreds of dreamers, I think dreams about animals are the easiest to understand. Each animal, insect, or fish in your dream represents something important in your life-a stinging situation, a threatening person or habit of your own, or any other aspect of your own personality or that of someone else's behavior that is impacting your life.

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