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People have the most amazing cars in their dreams!

Everything from dad's car, to the cars they drove years ago, to the car they dreamed of driving as a teenager. Sometimes the autos are dream-inventions, blends of styles, or models from a particular year. All these specifics are vital to an accurate interpretation.


Then there is the pivotal question of who is driving whose car. Is the dreamer in control of his or another's car, or is he a passenger, with someone else at the controls? How is the driver managing his task? Is he or she careless, sleepy, distracted, anxious, inebriated , skilled, or reckless, out of control?

OBVIOUSLY, any respectable interpretation depends upon the answers to these interview questions, and no two dreams about "cars" can mean the same thing! So let's get started with a sample Interview:


distress800Charles dreamt that he was driving his wife's car when the tail lights went out. He tried to fix it on the side of the road, but just couldn't find the problem. FINALLY! he discovered that if he fiddled with the electrical circuitry he could connect things up and the tail lights lit up again.

Our Interview went like this:

I: Pretend I come from another planet. What is wrong with having the tail lights go out on a car?

C: It is very dangerous. Someone could easily rear-end you. Bad crash.

I: What was it like to try to fix the problem?

C: It was very difficult and it took a long time. It was not what I wanted to be doing, but it was necessary.

I: So, Charles, is there anything, any part of yourself, or anyone in your life that is like your wife's car, whose tail lights have gone out, you risk being rear-ended, and can fix it only by doing something you would rather not do, and it all takes a long time?

C: Now that you put it that way (common response upon hearing a recapitulation) I am reminded of an old medical school professor's story about sex between men and women. He said that,

"Men are like Jaguars, turn the key and Varroom! they are off. Women, however are more like Model T's. Before you can get them going, you have to set the clutch, turn the crank, set the clutch again, run the crank some more, and it takes a quite a while. But then, at a certain point, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!"

What kinds of cars have you dreamt about?

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  • Guest - Will Leifer

    Hi Gayle - I am a therapist in the U.K. who has been intrigued by your approach to working with dreams for a while. At some point when I have some cash to spare I may well arrange to study with you! In the meantime I will tell you about a dream that really changed my life. I incubated it with the question, 'if there is one thing in my life I really need to change, what is it?'. I dreampt I was sitting at the back of a bus, moaning that the driver was going in the wrong direction. Made me realise I needed to take control and get into the 'driving seat' of my life. Still something I'm working on years later - but I feel so much more empowered through the work I have done on this. Keep up the good work helping people appreciate the power of their dreams!

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