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The Delaney & Flowers Diploma Program

The Delaney & Flowers Diploma Program is a course of study that includes individual training, practice with other dreamers, journal work, practice interview critiques and reviews, and readings in psychoanalytic, Jungian, and existential dram dream methods. To complete the most advanced level, students will write three brief papers on the Dream Interview Method in the context of these approaches to interpretation.

Diploma candidates progress at their own pace and advance through 5 levels of achievement upon demonstrating proficiency at each level. No minimum training hours are required. Much of the work toward the Diploma can be completed by candidates working on their own with their clients or practice dreamers.

This can keep program costs to a minimum and allows out-of-town and foreign students to earn diplomas using the Brief Intensive Program for on-site or Skype training sessions.

The Delaney & Flowers Diploma certifies that the recipient has successfully completed our course of study and has gained proficiency in our Dream Interview and Incubation methods.


5 Levels of Achievement for the Delaney & Flowers Diploma


  • Establish a comfortable rapport with the dreamer
  • Diagram a dream
  • Outline feelings and actions
  • Summarize the dream structure


  • Elicit rich descriptions
  • Invite correction
  • Recapitulate (edit, synthesize without altering tone of dreamer of three dream elements)


  • Help dreamer to relate descriptions to waking concerns
  • Invite Early, Middle, or Late Bridges at different points
  • Test the strength of the Bridge


  • Link Bridges in dream coherently within context of dream story
  • Link whole thrust of dream dynamic to a waking situation


  • Complete an analysis of two dreams
  • Identify opportunities for reflection and integration of issues uncovered in the dreams
  • Complete a brief project comparing the dream interview method with three other methods of interpretation


Suggested Reading - by Dr. Gayle Delaney

Articles by Dr. Flowers

The Delaney & Flowers Dream and Consultation Center was founded in 1981 at the behest of Dr. Flowers to train people in problem solving and the development of new ideas through the practical understanding of dreams. We teach the Dream Interview Method that systematically places the dreamer's individuality above (and protected from) theory and doctrine. Dreams are seen as the fruit of an alternative mode of information processing. This pragmatic approach affirms the importance of asking specific and structured questions rather than offering interpretations.

Our programs are designed to teach proficiency in dream incubation and interpretation for work alone or with others. These skills facilitate organizational problem-solving, creativity, personal development, and psychotherapy because the expedite insight into core issues, and uncover unrecognized feelings.

Loma K. Flowers, MD has practiced psychiatry for 40 years in the San Francisco Bay area, publishing on various practical aspects of her work, including dreams, diversity and emotional competence. She is a former president of the Northern California Psychiatric Association, a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and has won a number of awards for both community service and teaching. Her life long interest is the relationship between individuality and universality. She now confines herself to preventive psychiatry, through consultations and teaching personal and professional development. It was an interest in seeing the wider dissemination of emotional education that led her to form Equilibrium Dynamics in 2005. www.eqdynamics.org