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How to Remember Your Dreams Much Better!

Everyone dreams vividly at least 4-5 times a night. Most of us forget the exquisitely detailed clarity of our dreams and often we forget the entire dream experience. Every detail of a dream is a clue to its meaning and emotional impact. If you would like to increase your recall quality, there are two easy steps before you try anything exotic.

  1. Keep a journal or your iPad beside your bed. When you wake, write down what ever is in your mind. Often a dream does not seem to have been only a dream, but a real experience–what you were thinking before waking.
  2. Even better: BEFORE you go to sleep write out your Day Notes–three or four lines about what you DID and FELT during the day.This will increase your recall and give you important clues and parallels to your dream metaphors even if you find yourself working on a dream years after you dreamt it.

Imagine: You are working on a dream of 6 years ago. The dream is about a kitten that you have forgotten to feed for a long time. You feel just miserably guilty. As you describe the kitten, it reminds you of a very tender and shy part of yourself. Only when you look back at your Day Notes, written before,not after sleep, do you see that the day previous to the dream, you wrote that your friend had told you she thought you were working dangerously too much and that your job as a TV producer was making you hard. Thanks to your Day Notes, you can recall the issues around the time of your dream and it now makes sense that your dreaming brain was showing you that you, in that period, were neglecting your tender, kitten-like self.

By reviewing your old dreams with your newly aquired Dream Interview skills, you can make sense of your past and demonstrate how useful it would have been back then, to have understood your dreams!

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  • Guest - LB/.

    Just to add on, yes it useful to keep an ipad on your bed before you go to sleep however, you might still not remember your dreams after you wake up. From experience, the best thing to do is tell yourself twice or maybe three times - before you close your eyes - that you will remember your dreams. Your dream may not be clear in the first night but after two or three days you will be scared that you begin to remember all your dreams every night. Very clearly. See my dreams here as I have visualised and drawn them.


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