Welcome to the Power of Your Sleeping Mind.

The Delaney & Flowers Diploma Program

The Delaney & Flowers Diploma Program is a course of study that includes individual training, practice with other dreamers, journal work, practice interview critiques and reviews, and readings in many dream methods. 

Bay Area Dream Groups

Studing dreams in a group is extremaly rewarding and dramatically speeds learning on how to become a good interviewer for yourself and others.

We have monthly and weekly study grouns of 5-6 people. Each group lasts two hours.

If you would like to form a group with your collegues or friends, or would like coaching for a group you already lead, please contact. Dr. Delaney.

Brief Intensive Program

If you would like to spend a weekend or a week intensively studying your dreams in San Francisco Bay Area or via Skype, we can schedule from two to four hours a day of individual, pair or group sessions.

Why Is Dream Study Important?

Your mind works actively every night reviewing what you learned the day before, working out new points of view and solutions to the problems you face

The Delaney Method of Dream Interpretation

The Delaney Method of Interpretation is called the "Dream Interview". This approach to dreams aims at getting to the meaning of the metaphors your brain creates while you sleep.